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Hardware Questions & Answers

Having trouble with your gaming setup, unsure how to do something important with your system or do you just need some advice? This section of the site is dedicated to questions related to gaming hardware and other technology related questions.

Use the search feature below to find existing questions and answers that might solve your problem. If you are unable to find anything, feel free to ask a new question and someone may be able to help you out.


The red drum pad on my Guitar Hero World Tour drums has stopped working for the PS3. It was working fine for a long time and then it started acting funny. Sometimes it would register double hits and it would go off randomly now and then breaking any streaks. Is this a software bug or […]

Does the PSVR headset work with VR games that are made for the PC? Theres lots of Vr games on steam. Will they work with the PlayStation VR?

My Switch hasn't been able to detect a wifi signal to connect to the internet. Does anyone know what causes this to happen?