Will I Enjoy Dragon Age Inquisition If I liked Skyrim?


I reallly loved Skyrim and I loved Oblivion before it. In terms of story, gameplay and the skills etc. I found a lot of enjoyment in the Elder Scrolls games. If i liked those games, should I enjoy playing Dragon Age: Inquisition? I am thinking of purchasing the game, but I’m not sure if the game will be anything like the Elder Scrolls games.

Will I Enjoy Dragon Age Inquisition If I liked Skyrim
Dragon Age: Inquisition

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1 Answer

Dan -

If you are simply asking if the games are alike then I’d say that you will probably like the story and dungeons, but may not like the gameplay. I personally dont like have to keep tabs on multiple.main characters. In dragon age you take.control of a squad of 4 different characters, all of which you must maintain by keeping gear fresh and building talent trees. I always find I focus on one guy and the rest suffer and for this reason, I tend not to like dragon age when I love the elder scrolls series. 

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