Why can't I respawn when I die?


I seem to be getting killed a lot in this game.  I’m looking at the death screen and it gives a respawn countdown but it never comes. It says “respawning” at the bottom of the screen but I never respawn. The only way I ever come back is when someone revives me. Is this a bug or what?

Stuck respawning

Why cant I respawn when I die

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1 Answer

LeonDB40 -

I’m not sure you can respawn. It did happen to me once but this was when the entire team died. We just went back to the last checkppiche and had to start all over again. It is a bit misleading the way it says this but I think it’s a team thing. It should really say “waiting for team members to die”. I could be wrong though but considering how often I die, this seems to be how the system works.

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