Where is the gold during the tutorial?


I have just started the tutorial and the game is introducing me to the mechanics. I have thrown some flares and It is now asking me to mine 20 pieces of gold. I have been digging all around this gave into endless yellow and I have not found a single piece of gold. Since this is a tutorial, I feel like I am most definitely doing something wrong here, or this is a glitch. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Where is the gold during the tutorial
Deep Rock Galactic

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1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

If you go down the hill a small bit from where you get dropped off, there will be a large amount of gold wrapped around one of the columns like a snake. IF you have gone too far down the tunnel to the dirt, you may not see it. Best thing to do is to go back to the starting location and throw a flare into the tunnel. It will show you the gold on the column to the right. Mine some of this to progress with the tutorial. 

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