Where do you find the second record for Lionel?

I found a record in one of the houses in a record player. I found a second record player but it had nothing in it. The people nearby get very hostile when I go into the house. Since I have this damn baby to worry about now I need to find this but I am having no luck. I don’t have any lockpicks to pick the chests. Where can I find the second record for Lionel?
Where do you find the second record for Lionel
We Happy Few

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Dan -

If you walk in the main gate with the stage in front of you. There is a house on the left with a staircase on the side. The door up there is locked but this is where the record is. If you do not have a lock pick you can climb onto the bookshelf downstairs and then up onto the upper floor. The people won’t be able to attack you up there which is helpful.


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