Where are you supposed to find coal?


It took me a while to fly around and find all of the stone that I needed for the first quest to build the factory. Now it is asking me to get some coal. I have already been flying around a lot of the map in order to get the stone in the first place and I have not found a single piece of coal so far. Where do you find it?

Where are you supposed to find coal
Black Skylands

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locknloaded -

Coal is obtained differently to the other resources so far, you will need to find these large floating coal asteroids. I dunno how they float but that’s the magic. They sort of look like lava blocks floating around the place. You will have definitely come across them at this point

where to find coal black skylands
You can see the large coal asteroids here. Blow them up with your ships cannon to harvest them


  1. it didnt work at all i blowed up multiple coal asteroids with the ships cannon so why doesnt it work

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