What to do with large gold key with red gem?


The fortune telling machine around the back of the fun fair and Ferris wheel has given me a large gold key that has a red gem stone in the middle. I brought it back to the middle area and I am stuck here now. The large key does not open the lock for the door in this area so I am stuck with what to do. I have looked all around the area for a key hole to out the key in while smaller or current size and can’t find anything.

What to do with large gold key with red gem

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1 Answer

savageeye -

This is the first puzzle where you have to think outside the box when it comes to traditional puzzle games. Make the key as large as possible and use it as a sort of ramp to get over the wall with the green top. The picture below will explain better.

Gold key red gem door lock
You will need to drop the key in the smaller model and it will cause a giant key to land on the wall like this.
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