What Materials Do You Need To Craft Ammo?


When I hold down pssquare, i can craft ammo for whatever weapon I have eqquipped, but it never tells me the ingredients that It used to craft those components. I dont want to be wasting valuable components on ammo, when I can usually find it if I look around. What components do you need for crafting ammo in Fortnite?

What Materials Do You Need To Craft Ammo

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

I did some testing with this by checking my inventory before and after crafting. It seems that no matter what the ammo type is, you still use the same amount and type of resources. Crafting ammo in Fortnite will consume 10 pieces of wood and 2 nuts and bolts. I couldnt see it consuming anything else in my inventory so it looks like that is it

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