What are you meant to do with Shy Guy in The Bottle Grotto?

I am stuck in this temple and I don’t know how to progress. It looks like i need to find a silver keyy, but I have nowhere left to explore. The only location left that I can’t solve are the rooms with Shy Guy in them (the guy with the white mask and outfit). He mimmics my movement. I have tried killing him but my attacks just bounce off him. There is another room that has two of them in it a little further down. I can’t solve this one either. What are you meant to do to solve the puzzles in this room?

1 Answer

Dan Hastings

You have to slash his back to kill him. Hold down the attack button to arm a spin slash attack. Move yourself so that you and shy guy are facing back to back. Let go of the attack button and your spin attack will hit shy guys back and kill him

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