Way Of The Warrior Not Unlocking?


I have gotten to the start if chapter 5 and have made sure not to use any weapons. I have even avoided killing people as much as possible. Any kills have been melee kills with the majority of those being stealth attacks. The trophy is meant to pop at the start of chapter 5 but it has not unlocked for me. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know of a way to make the trophy unlock after it has glitched?

Way Of The Warrior Not Unlocking
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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1 Answer

SteveSickle89 -

Apparently there is a glitch with this for some people that prevents the trophy from unlocking when you die. Even though the trophy description doesn’t say anything about dying and others have been able to get the trophy even when they die, there does seem to be a glitch that prevents people from being able to get the trophy if they do. You will just have to try again and not die this time and see if it works. 

Another thing to check is to make sure that you have started a new game and not carried your stats over from a previous save. You need to start fresh with all of your game stats reading 0 in order for the trophy to count.

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