Wait a day for rogue to call, she never did?


This quest “chippin in” has been on my list for a while. Rogue has never called me with an update for this. What are you supposed to do to make her call?

Wait a day for rogue to call she never did
Cyberpunk 2077

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1 Answer

bandersnatch -

This has been an issue for some other quests too that have the same objective. Here are some things you can try that might fix it for you.

  • Track a different quest and then track chippin in again. Make sure it’s the currently active quest.
  • Use the skip time feature to go ahead 24 hours.
  • Save the game and completely shut it down. Back to the system menu and then start the game back up again.
  • If rogue doesn’t call after a minute or 2, use the skip time feature again.

If none of the above work, you might have to wait for this bug to be patched.


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