Unable to retrieve items from grave after dying


My life support and I died while in my home base. I respawned right outside the door, so I went to collect the items from my grave. I can see the grave and it tells me to press pssquare to interact but pressing it does nothing. I can’t get the items back from my grave. This means I have no gun or any gear at all. I have no resources to leave the planet either so I am completely stuck with no way out if I can’t retrieve the goods. Is this a common bug or is there something I can do to fix it?

Unable to retrieve items from grave after dying
No Man's Sky

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1 Answer

Dan -

Turns out that all buttons had stopped working. I couldnt access most controls such as getting back into my ship. I restarted the game (closed it fully) and when i had started it back up i was able to collect the items from my grave 

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