Throw A Book At Em not unlocking?


I am in the house and I have one last objective to kill a spider using a book. I have picked up a stack of books from the shelf as there is no way to pick them up individually and I’ve hit a bunch of spiders but the goal is not unlocking. Are you supposed to do this in some specific way?

Throw A Book At Em not unlocking
Kill It With Fire

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1 Answer

bandersnatch -

Make sure the spider is actually dead. They can take a few blows from the book before actually dying from it. You might have injured them and caused a splat but not actually killed it. Keep thowing the stack of books until you get the kill


  1. When I try to kill it with a book, it doesn’t die! How do you get it actually die?

  2. I had that same thing but turns out I was holding dvd cases and thought they were books ;-; did you try killing with another stack of books?

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