The Hungry River - how to being bodies back to cart?


I picked up a body and brought it back to the cart like the quest told me. It doesn’t matter where I drop the body, it doesn’t register as a success and doesn’t record the body. How are you meant to do this?

The Hungry River - how to being bodies back to cart
Assassin's Creed: Origins

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2 Answers

Dan Hastings -

This is a glitched quest, it can be fixed. It appears that bodies spawn twice on top of eachother. If you pick up one of the bodies marked, you will see the exact same body exists underneath it. Sometimes the one you pick up is the body for the quest and sometimes it is not. The quest marker will update to show you when you have picked up the right one.

NukeZer0 -

There’s quite a few bodies in this area. Only some of them are counted for the quest. Make sure the body you picked up was a quest body. Try going to a different body marked with a quest icon and bring it back. Once you have picked up a valid body the game will show you were to drop it for it to register

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