Stuck inside Thomas's office with the hidden room??


I am in Thomas’s office and I have used the clock hands on the grandfather clock to fast forward time. I was able to activate the electrical box inside the hidden room and it did something in the real world but I don’t know what. I’m still stuck inside the office in my human form. I have tried speaking with Thomas every time he appears but I’m not getting anything useful here. Have I found a bug or am I missing something super obvious.

Stuck inside Thomass office with the hidden room
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GuacamoleFantastic -

You will need to go back to your body and interact with the cabinet that is blocking the door into the hidden room in Thomas’s office. When looking inside the cabinet, use your vision and you will be able to Interact with the picture. Once you move it you will find the buttons that control the door to open the secured room.

Hidden room in Thomas's office
Once the picture is pushed aside, you will be able to push the button to open the secret door to the hidden room. You will need to have activated the power box first
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