Stuck at the desk after completing the GOAT test


I have entered the exam for the GOAT test in the vault and now I am stuck sitting at the desk and nothing is happening. I have tried pressing every button and I can’t seem to stand up. The teacher is talking as if I should be doing the test but I do not have any option to actually do the test. I haven’t created any game saves at all, so I’m reluctant to go and reload my game save. 

Stuck at the desk after completing the GOAT test
Fallout 3

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GuacamoleFantastic -

This glitch actually happens a lot and appears to affect the vast majority of people who play this game. You know the game is off to a good start when you are hitting game breaking bugs before even leaving the start area. So if you are Stuck in the GOAT test here is how to get out of it.

If you are sitting at the desk and all other students except for you are taking the test then you can sometimes wait a minute or so and the teacher might give you the page so you can start the test. If this works then you are good to go, if not then you will need to create a new game save.

Once you have saved the game, reload that same game save. For some reason reloading this game save will fix whatever got screwed up and the teacher will give you the page you need to be able to take the GOAT test. If this still does not work, then you may have to reload an earlier save and try take the test again.

Its very common to get stuck in the GOAT test and it’s stupid as the result of the questions make no difference at all as you can simply change all of the stats once you finish the test. Either way, it needs to be done and hopefully, this has helped you fix the issue.

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