Solving the last of the logic patterns in the hidden room


I don’t know much about this logic stuff but I have figured out that the A means and the V means or and I don’t know what the plus inside the circle is but putting 1 orb in each group seems to have worked. The problem is that I am at the final set of and blocks and I do not have enough orbs to fill all the spaces. I’m guessing I have made a mistake somewhere along the line. Can anyone give me some advise on solving this puzzle? This is in the hidden room area for the Boolean logic trophy.

Solving the last of the logic patterns in the hidden room
The Turing Test

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Dan Hastings -

This one was a total cheat. Having studied this stuff years ago, I had a basic idea how it works. I even googled it so i knew exactly what was going on and I still couldn’t figure it out. Turns out that there is an invert icon on 4 of the orb boxes on the final set. I dont remember a comma ever being used as a “Not” operator, but that is what is used for here. If you look at the final set of orb slots, there is a little comma thing in front of 4 of them. This is an inverter that makes them negative or in other words, “not on”. 

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