Should I give the targeting module to Sanjar or Graham?

The quest called Candids Cradle has given me the decision to either give the targeting module to Sanjar at Stellar Bay or to give it to Graham from the Iconoclasts.

I prefer Sanjar since he seems to have a crush on me and he seems like a more powerful friend to have but I wanna be sure I'm not making a decision I'll regret later on. Which is the best side to give the targeting module to?

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I tried both endings to be sure. If you give it to Sanjar, the Iconoclasts will attack Stellar bay and you will need to kill them all. In doing this you ruin your reputation with them. Their friendship doesn't seem to be worth all that much though. 

Giving the module to Graham will result in you leading an attack on Stellar bay and you will need to kill Sanjar. The Monarch will hate you but because you took over Stellar Bay, you can still visit here.

There's a third option where you can make it work without violence but you need to have completed quests in a certain way which you have likely progressed past at this point. 

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