Required blood sample is not loaded in the centrifuge quest bug

Required blood sample is not loaded in the centrifuge quest bug

I am on the quest “an ounce of prevention”. I have loaded the ghoul blood sample into the centrifuge. The quest marker is now on the terminal and it is asking .e to analyze the blood sample.

When I open the terminal and click the option to analyze it, I get an error message.

“Required blood sample is not loaded in the centrifuge. Please place sample in centrifuge and try again”.

I am no longer able to interact with the centrifuge so I don’t know what I am supposed to do about this now.

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1 Answer

Lloyd Collier -

This is a bug that is impacting a lot of people. There are some methods people have used in combination and have somehow made the terminal accept the blood sample and allow you to progress. Here are some things you can attempt to try and fix this issue.

  1. Exit to the menu and reload
  2. Quit the entire game and start it up again
  3. Interact with the terminal and read all of the diary entries and other selections except for the blood analysis.
  4. Insert the T fuse I to the fuse box
  5. Go back to the terminal and analyze the blood.

Some people have gotten it to work in various orders. It worked for me by following this exact order.


  1. @Lloyd Collier – thanks so much, that exact sequence of steps does work (as at 13/AUG/2020).

  2. And what if i followed every variation of this instructions and still the computer wont budge?

  3. same here thx

  4. Worked for me as well, thank you!

  5. I don’t see how you encountered this bug and then somehow ‘still had the T-fuse’ in your inventory ‘after’ you logged out and back into the game. THB it sounds like you made all that up and then followed it up by logging in with another profile to say “Oh hey, I followed your exact steps and it worked”. This is a known bug since forever and I fail to see how your fabricated steps fixed it for you and you only…. stop trolling us. Bethesda needs to put some honest effort into these so called ‘blocker’ reports. Dot. Period.

    • “I don’t see how you encountered this bug..”, it looks like we have a dev here who has intimite knowledge of the games code…Stop being butthurt that you arent smart enough to figure out how to fix this on your own. It has worked for others, you just need to try a little bit harder to read the steps and it might work for you too

  6. I followed the order 10 times today ending up running out of bullets because of it and it still will not let me complete that part. Keeps saying error.

  7. It does work though

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