Remapping the jump button?

I know it is good to play games as the developers intend but I can’t handle the jump button. Mapping it to the trigger button by default just seems crazy. It’s a trigger button to simulate being a trigger! Anyway, all I want is to remap the jump button to be A on the Xbox controller and It won’t work for me. I can map it to any of the other buttons except A. Have the developers done this intentionally or am I missing something?

Remapping the jump button Neon Abyss

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Ray Cunningham

Pretty sure it is impossible. It has been a big issue for left handed gamers on PC who can’t remap it to a key on the other side of the keyboard. It seems the developers want you to use a different button.

The best you can do is map it to X. You can try forget A and B exist while playing and you will quickly get the hang of it.


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