Red crystal stuck inside the green house?


I got the key out of the green house but now the red gem is stuck inside. It is too large to get out of the same hole that I put the key through. I can’t find any way at all to get it outside while also being able to use the green gem to get me back to the central area of the map.

I feel like this might be a bug. If I brought the red stone inside when it was small, I could likely have thrown it out the back window but now I have no way of making it small again.

Red crystal stuck inside the green house

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1 Answer

locknloaded -

This one is a tricky one to get back out. Dunno if this is the method the developers had intended but this is what you have to do to get the red stone back outside.


    • Drop it on the ground outside and go to the model in the middle and you can pick up the green gem here in a smaller size

  1. This is the most f**king ridiculous puzzle created, and the worst part is that NO walkthrough on here can adequately explain it! A bunch of retards

    • If you watch a video and cant replicate what the person was doing then it may not be the person making the video that is the retard…

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