Recover 5 Tapes Mission?


I have a side mission that Is showing up in the games that I play telling me that I need to locate 5 tapes. I didnt have any trouble with the treasure chest ones since i knew what they looked like, but i have no idea when it comes to these tapes. I have never come across any tapes before. 

Recover 5 Tapes Mission

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

I think I was just doing the wrong mission. I picked a random map, while the quest to get the tapes was active. This made the counter show up in every map i played on, even though there were none to collect. When i played the correct mission, i was able to locate all of the tapes. They are hard to miss. They will show up on the mini map as a yellow ! and they also have this in game. Here is a pic I took of the first one i found. 

tape quest

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