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Fortnite Questions & Answers


I have purchased the deluxe edition and want to upgrade to a higher tier version. Is it possible to do this without having to buy the entire game over again? I am playing the game on the PS4.

I need to level up and get some more gear before I progress, but I don’t know how to replay past missions that I have completed. I was hoping I could just grind the first mission a bunch of times to get a load of XP and then move on when I was a lot […]

I bought the deluxe edition and It gave me the safe with 50 extra slots when I finished the tutorials. Whenever i go to the vault storage in the storm shield it only shows that I have 5 storage slots and this is from the skill tree point that I spent. Why have the 50 […]

My backpack is now 55/55 and I have no room left to pick up new items. I was supposed to get an extra 50 storage slots for my shield storage back because I purchased the deluxe edition, but that doesn’t seem to have applied. I am now stuck in a place where I am unable […]

I don’t want any other people joining my games….i want all the loot for myself!! But seriously, is there a way to play fortnite in solo or offline mode so that other players don’t come in and join my game?

If i build a bunch of walls using wood, why cant they be later upgraded to stone or metal. Its possible to repair them so it seems strange that this cant even be done?

Is there a quick way to destroy or move a wall after it has been built. I have been able to destroy walls with my pick axe in order to get rid of them, but I would have thought there would be a way to recycle them in order to get my resources back. I […]

Earning 54 per hour seems incredibly slow considering the cost of some of the upgrades in the first tier alone. At this rate the game will officially be free to play by the time I have cleared the first tier. How to I increase the number of research points that I earn in a single […]

I am trying to continue the upgrades for the first skill tree, I need to upgrade “Resistance” in order to get to the Recycling section, but in order to get resistance it says that the prerequsites are to unlock the storm shield storage vault. When I go to my storm shield the storage is empty […]

I have multiple heroes in my inventory. Im not sure whether to spend any XP on the heroes I have now or wait until later. The fact that I have multiple heroes makes me think that when one of them dies that’s it they are gone forever. How exactly does it work? What happens when […]