Fortnite Questions & Answers


Research points will go up at 54 points per hour. Do they continue to go up even when you are not playing the game? For example, if i dont play the game for a week, will i come back to a load of resources?

I have a side mission that Is showing up in the games that I play telling me that I need to locate 5 tapes. I didnt have any trouble with the treasure chest ones since i knew what they looked like, but i have no idea when it comes to these tapes. I have never […]

There is a trophy/achievement for the game that says I must destroy 100 gnomes. I have yet to even see one, where can i find them?

I have yet to come across any of it and have no idea where i could even go to look for some. Anyone know where to find Quartz Crystals?

Now and then i seem to be coming across guys who appear to have their microphones inside a jet engine. Is there a way to mute other players in the game? I checked the menu and i cant get a list of other players from here .

I want to progress with the game story, but It says that my power level is too low. I have allready upgraded my hero to the max that i can get it to for the moment. What else do I need to do to increase my power level. 

I had hoped this girl would be useful during the storm shield defenses, but she has pretty much spent the entire time complaining about having no ammo. How do i give defenders more ammo?

I need to get some coal and can’t seem to find any. I have been able to guess some places that I might be able to find it, but I havnt had any luck. Anyone know where to find some coal?

I have a couple of melee weapons like swords and stuff but I am talking more about just hitting an enemy with the butt of my gun or something to just get them away from me. Sometimes they creep up and hit me, would be handy if i could use a melee attack to hit […]

I have defenders assigned to defend the storm shield, but I want to be able to give them better guns and equipment. How do i give weapons and items to base defenders?