Astroneer Questions & Answers


Whats the best way to gather up as much debris as possible in the most efficient way that reduces the number of trips back to the home base.

How deep can you dig into the planets in Astroneer, can you get all the way to the bottom?

Does Astroneer have any end game boss fights or story related content that mark the end of the game?

What are debris used for? They are all over the place but most of the time there is nothing of use in the pile of scrap

Can the trailers used for the tractor also be connected to the large rover to increase the amount of stuff you can carry?

What am I meant to do with this large glowing ball with black and white stripes on it?

I have placed an item into the research chamber but it has not done anything. The machine doesn't seem to be researching anything?

How do you make ceramic in Astroneer? What resources do you need to use or where can you find it in the world?

Where do you find clay in this game? I have looked around the planet and I have no come across any yet. Where do you get it?

How do you make the move? I have built one and when i sit in it, i can't get it to move anywhere?