Fallout 76 Questions & Answers


Can the number of stars on a legendary weapon be increased?

What is the best way to kill a Protectron in Fallout 76. Where is their weak spot that will kill them quickly?

Is it possible to reset or change SPECIAL stats in Fallout 76 after you have set them?

For the quest one of us, there is no option to load the system access tape into a sigint system terminal?

Does the cannibal perk in Fallout 76 restore health on top of restoring your hunger when you eat a corpse, just like it does with normal food?

When I try to interact with a power armor station at my C.A.M.P In Falllout 76, I get a message saying "Waiting for response from server". Is there a way to fix this?

What are claim tokens used for? I have a bunch of them taking up space in my inventory and I dont know what to do with them

If i put bobbleheads on a stand at my CAMP, will other players be able to come to my house and steal them?

Does a new season for the legendary run mean my progress so far gets wiped?

Where do you find the bonemeal for the an organic solution quest in fallout 76?