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Gaming Questions & Answers


How do you unlock the stone door to get into the forgotten forest in Kena?

I have lost my way on an island and can no longer find the stone portal used to transport you around the world map. How do I find it so that I can travel back to my main island?

Is it possible to build an automated tree farm that will give you an unlimited supply or wood to use for crafting in Craftopia?

Is there a way to speed up the uploading of files from the Xbox series X to my one drive?

Is there a way to strike first in combat in monster harvest? Enemies always get the first attack when in the dungeon in this game.

What are you meant to do after you finish the main quest relating to the slime queen in monster harvest? Where do you go after?

When you have a stack of items with multiple in the stack, how do you select a single item or a sub set of this stack?

What do all of these glowing pipes around the town do?

What happens when you have chopped down all of the trees that are growing on the island?

If I battle with other villagers at the rec center, will my planimals die in combat?