Destiny 2 Questions & Answers

I received a bright engram and I brought it to the woman at the farm that has been opening the other ones that I have found, but she doesnt seem to be able to open them. How do i open bright engrams?

Whenever I select my character in Destiny 2, I get stuck at a black screen with some music in the background and then it eventually times out and gives an error. This has only just started happening to me. Up until this I could log in just fine. Whenever I try to log in now […]

I have a milestone quest that is telling me I need to win glory in Crucible matches. What does this mean? I don’t remember ever obtaining anything from playing the first 4 times for the quest. Is there a special game type for this that gives you glory or something?

Whenever I try to join a crucible match I end up getting stuck on a 1/8 screen where it says that it is evaluating guardians, but it doesnt seem to change. Is this a glitch or what? Others seem to be able to play the multiuplayer games

I have a milestone for an artifact that says Return to the Traveler's Shard in the EDZ to activate your subclass. How do i do this?

Where can i find Emissary from beyond to get the Lest Ye Be Judged achievement?

The description is a bit cryptic. Anyone know what it is?

I have obtained some of this from dismantling gear and I have no idea what it is used for. I am guessing it is like glimmer and I can buy stuff with it, but I would appreciate if anyone could explain what it is and what it is for.

Is it possible to go back and replay a mission from the main story?

If I open these now will i end up wasting the chance to get better loot in the future. If the loot you get inside is based on your current level, isnt it better to wait until you are higher before opening them?


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