Fortnite Questions & Answers


I want to be able to clear out some of the junk in my backpack to make space for some more junk :P is it possible to do this from the main menu or can it only be done in game?

There is an entire tab just fir squads and I have also seen a lot of skill points that unlock squad slots or do specific things for squads. I don’t see any point in any of these things. From what I’ve seen so far the squads are pointless. They must do something though. What is […]

What’s this all about? The game froze and when I restarted I am looking at a screen that tells me I am in a queue? Is there only so many places on the servers for people to play at a time or something?

Blasting powder is the last crafting component I need, but I can’t get any of it. I read that you make it from coal and I have plenty of coal, but I don’t know how to make it. How do you get blast powder to use as a crafting component?

I know there are different uses for each hero class, but the perks obtained from evolving must vary between the heroes. Which would be the best hero class to evolve first?

I collected a lot of blu glow in the last level and when I started another mission all of it was gone. Is there a way to keep the blu glow so i can use it again in the next mission?

Out of the 4 different hero classes in the game, i cant really find much information about which is the best hero class to pick. I have been trying to level up a few, but I think i am going to need to focus on one as I dont have enough XP tokens to be […]

Do you need to have an internet connection to play fortnite? Is it possible to play the game offline?

When I hold down , i can craft ammo for whatever weapon I have eqquipped, but it never tells me the ingredients that It used to craft those components. I dont want to be wasting valuable components on ammo, when I can usually find it if I look around. What components do you need for crafting […]

On the character evolution screen I have everything required, except for training manuals. It doesn’t state where i need to get them. Does anyone know how you get the training manuals for hero evolutions?