Astroneer Questions & Answers


I am having trouble with power generation. Can someone give me some tips on the best way to generate power for your base in Astroneer?

Whats the best way to gather up as much debris as possible in the most efficient way that reduces the number of trips back to the home base.

What are the connectors on the gateway chamber used for?

Is the large rover vehicle worth building. It costs a lot to get the materials needed to build it. I want to know if it is worth the trouble

Do wind turbines generate energy when they are underground. Can they be used to power batteries?

Are you able to attach items like a large rover to a rocket in order to bring it to another planet?

Will the amount of power available start to reduce the further a structure is away from the power source?

Is it possible to collect tethers and put them back into a bundle?

Organic always seems to get picked up when gathering resources. Is there any reason to hold onto it or can I throw it all away?

When returning to a planet, how do you know the last location you landed where you setup a base?