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God of War Questions & Answers


I have come across some of Odin’s green ravins flying around the sky. I have tried to get Kratos to throw his aze but they are too far away. I can’t use any arrows either. Is there an easy way to kill the Ravens that are flying?

Maybe I’m just getting old but I find the don’t size in the menu is very small. It gets hard to read sometimes. Is there a way to make the font later for the tutorial windows. It feels like the game subtitles are larger than the pause menu font.

I have found several chests that are covered in a red goo and I am unable to unlock them because it is in the way. How do you remove it from the chests?

Where can I find more frozen flames to use as upgrades for the leviathan axe in God of War?

Is it possible to get all of the trophies, including the collectibles in one playthrough without missing anything. In other words, is it possible to get locked out of a trophy and require another playthrough?

I have just gotten to a vendor and I don’t have enough money to buy all the upgrades he has. I have found some artefacts and I can sell them for good money. Is there any reason to hold onto these or can I just sell them for easy hacksilver?