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Gaming Questions & Answers


After purchasing the support tower upgrade, I'm no longer able to win in levels in mace tower defense

How do you get to the panel at the safe house for the returning the favour quest in dead rising 4?

How do you switch your primary and secondary weapons. I want to rotate which one is my primary.

Where is the quest objective for the counting sheep in dun ardtreck

How do you get to the survivors trapped in the metal tower during the deluge quest in Forbidden West?

Is it possible to use flying mounts to make it to the top of Tallnecks in Forbidden West?

Is it possible to use birds as mounts when you override them, just like you can with other overridden machines in the game?

When you die in Horizon Forbidden West, does all of the progress reset or do you get to keep any earned XP?

During the seeds of the past quest, there is no way forward. There is a locked gate with enemies behind it but nothing is happening.

Aloy gets stuck when looting a dead enemy and there is no way to make her break away from the looting