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Gaming Questions & Answers


What are you supposed to do after finding all of the clues on Ms. Emma. The door to the other room is still locked.

How do you blow out the candle on the birthday cake in the canteen?

How are you supposed to kill a spider with a book in kill it with fire?

How are you meant to interact with the lift support system with the sonic screwdriver?

What are you supposed to do at the start of the game in the dry cleaners?

How do I ask Gamora to cut the cable holding the stone block in place?

How do you get up to Luis house above the crocadile pool to get his stash?

What are you supposed to look for inside the house in the mongoose and the man quest?

How do you download the remastered version of blood dragon that comes with the far cry 6 season pass?

The performance of craftopia has gotten terrible since I installed the latest patch, is this a bug?