Is There A Way To Fast Travel?

The sailing is fun but I am starting to get sick of the endless sailing across oceans when I have already been there a bunch of times. Is there a way to teleport across the world so that I can make it from one side of the map to the other without needing to sail?

Is There A Way To Fast Travel? The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Dan Hastings

If using the swift sail is not for you, then there is a quicker way to make your way across the great sea. There is a system that allows you to fast travel in the Wind Waker, but it is not a standard fast travel that lets you go wherever you want. Have you ever noticed the large cyclones in the ocean? Sometimes you get stuck in these and they end up bringing you to a different location on the map. These are your key to fast travel in the Wind Waker.

In order to unlock the ability to control these cyclones you first need to have obtained the bow and have plenty of arrows in your inventory. Sail around the ocean and look out for a large cyclone and intentionally get stuck in it. Look up to the top of the cyclone and you will see a frog looking guy at the top. Shoot him 3 times with your arrows before getting the center of the cyclone.

Once you have shot the frog 3 times, he will come down to you and teach you a song that allows you to control the cyclones. This song is called the ballad of the gales.

Now that you have the song, you can play it at any time and can teleport or fast travel to any of the cyclone locations on the map. You cannot travel to any location that you like, you can only travel to predefined locations, but it's much quicker than having to sail across the ocean.

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