Is the deluxe edition of Fortnite worth getting?


There are a few different versions if the game and its hard to know whether they are worth the money. Like what value will the items you are getting in the deluxe editions of the game actually do. I can understand the advantage of having the extra heros and the bonus weapons, this obviously means you won’t have to work for them in game, but what is the advantage if getting bonus pinatas and the 50 extra inventory slots?

Is the deluxe edition of Fortnite worth getting

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Dan -

Until the game released we have no real way if saying for sure what the value of the items in the deluxe and legendary editions are. However, based on what we have seen so far and the info on the official website it does look like there is considable value in the bonuses you get, assuming you value your time. It seems like all of the bonuses you get from the different versions of Fortnite will reduce any grinding time and give you an edge over others. It all depends on whether you want to save time and whether the extra $20 or so is worth it for you. I personally think it is. Anyway here is what I could find out about the value of the items in the deluxe edition of the game.

  • Extra inventory slots – You have schematics and stuff that you use to construct traps and stuff. There is only a limited space to store them it seems. The official website describes the 50 extra inventory slots as “You need to store all your crafting items and schematics between missions somewhere and extra vault inventory slots will help you build your arsenal faster”. Seems like a convient bonus.
  • Extra pinatas – It looks like this is where the value is going to come from. You get a lot of cool stuff inside these pinatas like power ups, weapons, schematics and heroes. You can purchase pinatas at any time using in game currency but you will need to play several games before you can afford one. Since there are other things to be spending money on, having these for free will most definitely be valuable to get started. I think this is where most of the value for the deluxe edition comes from .
  • 8 Heroes – I’m not sure how you normally unlock heroes, but you start with 1. This obviously gives you 8 from the start. This could be a major time saver.
  • 4 weapons / traps – Apparently these from from pinatas normally. They can range from being good to fairly bad. The items you get in the deluxe edition will likely be quite reasonable making this a handy kickstart so you don’t suck ass right from the start. 
  • XP Boost – this one is fairly obvious. You will get a boost to the xp you earn. Probably best to save these until you know what you are doing In order to maximize the bonus you earn. This of course saves a lot of time since u level up faster.

So that’s about it. I think purchasing the deluxe edition is going to be worth the money in the long run. It will save a lot of time from the start so you don’t get your ass handed to you all the time before you are string enough to buy the bonuses in game. It is worth mentioning that all the bonuses you get for the deluxe and legendary editions are not exclusive. Any player can obtain these items in game, but it will just take a lot of time for you to obtain them. The special editions act as a shortcut.

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