Is it possible to get 100% in a single game


My record so far is 48%. I’d say if I took my time I could get a lot higher, but I am wondering if it possible to get 100% coverage in Paper.IO. if so what happens when you do?

Is it possible to get 100% in a single game

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2 Answers

Breanna Teschendorf -

It’s possible, but so anticlimactic! I really expected more fanfare, more fireworks…. Nothing! Still fun, though!

Dan -

Yea it is possible, in fact it is the entire end goal of the game. There are plenty of videos of people who were able to get the 100%. It isn’t as hard as it seems. The hardest part is not getting greedy and attempting to take too much ground at once. Take it slow and gradually take out the remaining enemies and it is relatively easy to get 100% completion in a single level of paper.IO

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