How to you create the Tentacle costume?


It is getting annoying having to go back and forth between the doctor and toilet just to be able to send items back and fourth. Things are much slower. The tentacles say I need to be one of them to move about and then give the obvious clueue that I need to make a costume. How do you make the Tentacle costume in Day of the Tentacle?

How to you create the Tentacle costume
Day of the Tentacle

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Dan Hastings -

This is one of the first things that you need to consider time travel for. Or at least the passage of time between 2 characters. You need to start as the girl and talk to the prison guard saying that you feel sick and he will send you to the doctor.

In the doctors room there is a poster on the wall showing some anatomy of the Tentacles. Take this poster off the wall and go back to the prison. Ask the guard to go to the bathroom and while there, send the poster back in time to hogie. 

Take the poster up to the bedroom where the woman is sowing the flags. Place this poster on top of the other blue prints and this will become the new flag. 

Goforward in time again, back to the girl. Go back to the prison and ask to see the doctor again. Leave the doctors room and go to forward and up the chimney. You will see a Tentacle shaped flag. This is your costume. 

If you so not have the crank to take the flag down, go to the present (guy with the glasses) and go to the roof. There will be a crank on the flag pole here that you can use. Take this and send it into the future so you can wind the flag down.

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