How to take a snapshot of Dratini?


Round 2 of the Jump-Start research task says that I need to “Take a snapshot of dratini”. I have no idea what this means. How do you take a snapshot of any pokemon in general? I have a few of these that I have caught previously and I have never come across the need to do this before now. Anyone know how I can get this done? I really want to press on and get the later tasks for all that easy XP.

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Dan -

A snapshot means a photograph. If you open your list of Pokemon, use the search to find dratini. Click into it and on the top right you will see a camera icon. Click this and just take a picture. This will complete the task for you.


  1. When I do that the app goes into AR mode what am I doing wrong

    • Nothing, when you are in AR mode you need to take the snapshot once dratini is in view

  2. Yeah the part I screwed up on is evolving it before I found out about the task

  3. I habe done this myself numerous times and the camera has permission and nothing. Its not recognizing that I habe completed the task. Is there a fix?

  4. I have done this numerous times and it is not recognizing that the task is complete. Is there a fix for this?

  5. Same problem dratini snalshot is being taken but not marked as complete

  6. Having the same problem… I take the photo and nothing happens

  7. nothing is getting completed

  8. So, anyone know why it has to be a specific drawing? I evolved before I saw the task, but months later dratini are finally appearing and none of the photos are completing the task!!!!!

  9. I am also catching dratini which is what I need to complete the set and none of the three are registering as having been caught. Also have a problem with completing the photo task though I’ve done it numerous times. Annoying af

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