How Do You Unlock The Fail safe Terminal In Tranquility Lane?


I have the quest to try and escape from Tranquility Lane. I need to perform a bunch of quests that are going to trigger negative karma. I am aware that it is possible to escape by activating the failsafe terminal in the abandoned house. Problem is that the terminal is hidden and I don’t know what the secret password is to unlock it. How can I figure out what the password is?

How Do You Unlock The Fail safe Terminal In Tranquility Lane
Fallout 3

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SteveSickle89 -

I’m sure if there is somewhere else in the area that gives you the password or clues on how to access, but after entering the house I was able to figure it out myself. If you look around you will find that there are a few items sitting around the living room that make a sound when you interact with them. If you select the incorrect item a little buzzer sound will come after the ringing sound. Through trial and error, you can quickly work out the order in which you must ring the items in the room.

If you don’t feel like working this out for yourself the following combination can be used to unlock the failsafe terminal in Tranquility lanes abandoned house.

Radio, Pitcher, Gnome, Pitcher, Cinder Block, Gnome, Bottle.

After you do this the terminal will appear. On a side note, it might seem like a bad thing to do, but running the Chinese invasion program is actually a good thing to do and you will get positive karma for it.

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