How do you solve the gravestone puzzle at the church?


I have gotten to the church and the guy is giving me some super complicated riddle about how the numbers on the grave stones match up to something. It makes no sense and I can’t figure it out, but I feel like it’s intentionally cryptic.

I spoke to the girl and she says he is wrong and the statues are the clue.

My objective is to get inside the church. I’ve no idea where to start with this puzzle. I’ve found some bells at the entrance but I don’t know what they do either. Any help would be appreciated here.


How do you solve the gravestone puzzle at the church
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NukeZer0 -

The solution has nothing to do with the grave stones or the statues. They are just there to throw you off and make the puzzle confusing. The actual solution is quite simple. Look on the wall behind the grave stones and you will see some music notes. If you look near the entrance you will find some bells. Ring them in the order that they show up on the music page.

I can’t remember exactly. The lines from bottom to top were equal to the bells from left to right. I remember the first bell came first and then the 4th. It’s not too hard to figure out though

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