How Do You Restore Your Health?


My health goes back up a bit when I am out of combat, but it is super slow. I don’t have any items like potions that would suggest any way of restoring my health during combat. I find myself getting brought to my knees and using the last chance feature to give me back some health, but there has to be an alternative way than this to get more health. Did anyone find out how to heal your character in Shadow of War?

How Do You Restore Your Health
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

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Dan -

There are loads of different ways to restore your health in Shadow of War, but from what I have seen of the game so far, It doesn’t look like potions or traditional healing items are the way to go about it. In order to get your health back up the quickest way to do it is to kill some enemies using the interrogation mechanic on rats or regular Uruks to get a good boost.

At the start of the game, you will be instructed to press circle or B to interrogate an enemy. If you do the same to a regular enemy that is not a worm, you will be able to draw the life force out of them and heal you. If you spot any rats you can do the same to them for a quick kill and some easy health. You can do this while in combat, but it is obviously difficult to do if other enemies are attacking you. The drain seems to go a bit slower when enemies are aware of your presence, so it pays to use stealth. 

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