How do you get up to the toolshed generator?


The winch needs power and in the normal reality, I can see a generator with a red light in the upper area of the toolshed on the journey to the red house. I can’t figure out how to get up there. I’ve tried exploring in my spirit form and have interacted with everything in both realities and found nothing that helps.

How do you get up to the toolshed generator
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bandersnatch -

This one took a while of searching using insight to figure this out. 

First you need to find the doll and place it on the bench outside the front of the toolshed, through the door you came through. Absorb the energy in the spirit world. 

If you hold down insight and look to the left of the door, you will see that there is something that you can interact with. It’s a ledge to climb up around the side of the house. It is hard to see, even when you are looking for it. 

Climb to the window and separate from your body. Climb through the window and charge the electrical panel up here. It will kick start the generator and you can use the winch in the toolshed. It doesn’t last long. You need to position your real world body next to the winch on the lower level of the toolshed and then separate your body. Quickly run out the main garage door that’s only accessable in the spirit world and climb up to the same window as before. Activate the generator again and quickly return to your physical form to interact with the winch

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