How do you gain loyalty of crew members?


I’ve been levelling up crew members and I’ve noticed that there is one line of skills for each crew member that requires you to have gained loyalty. How are you supposed to do this? I’ve been using the same two companions for quite some time now, so I am guessing you don’t gain loyalty from just spending time with them in combat? I tend to stick with paragon options when possible so I dunno if that has an influence on things. Maybe some team members prefer when you are mean or something. I’d appreciate any help you guys can give me on this.

How do you gain loyalty of crew members
Mass Effect 2

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locknloaded -

Loyalty is gained by completing various side quests. After you acquire each of the team members, you will eventually get a new quest in the journal along the lines of.

“Person A needs your help with a problem”

Go down and speak to the person while you are on the Normandy and they will give you a new quest. If you complete this quest, it will gain you their loyalty. This gives you access to the additional skill that was previously locked. 

How to gain team loyalty

Once a team member is loyal, you will see a red ring around their feet. It’s the same process for all the team members. Help them out with their personal problem and they will become loyal to you.

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