How do you defeat Spontaneous Bootay?


Up until now the combat has been fairly straightforward, but this fight is not so easy. I can easily get through the strippers and then the boss fight triggers and Spontaneous Bootay appears. She can’t be hurt and I’ve furnature and strippers blocking me. Is there something that I’m missing in this fight. When I try to attack I end up getting killed. The strippers often hit me and push me back into the attack area of the boss fight. What is the strategy that I should be using for this fight?

How do you defeat Spontaneous Bootay
South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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Dan Hastings -

I found this boss fight to be a bit of a pain in the ass too. I got it on my second attempt but it was a close shave. The key is to move all the way to the right as far as you can and then attack. This way you move away from Bootay and get an attack in that could kill a stripper and break some of the furnature that is blocking your way. The strippers will still kick you back but if you do it right you will have moved far enough forward to survive. 

Save up your special for the boss fight. Move all the way to the right and unleash the special. This should kill the strippers in the way and break a row or 2 of chairs. This should be a good way to clear the path to get some good distance away from the boss. Once you get to the door the fight will end and you are in the clear.


  1. i can’t move forward, the game wont let me, and when i do i keep getting knocked back and killed anyway. about to refund my game, this is BS

  2. shit’s hard but getting a refund is dramatic. what’s a good game without a challenge?

  3. Omg yeah this worked is your character dies then just spam triangle(ps4) until u reach the end quite easy acctually

  4. It’s taking me 24 trys to do even after I have 81 artifact level and on almost the easiest difficulty

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