How do you defeat sober Towlie?

I made my way into medicinal fried chicken and went though the cut scene. I am now in a battle against Towlie and 2 of the store workers. Towlie is marked as having infinite health. I was able to kill the 2 guys with him, but I don't know what I need to do to kill Towlie. How do you beat this boss fight?

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Dan Hastings

If you look around the battle area you will see that there are 4 piles of weed. You must set these on fire. The smoke gets Towlie high and calms him down. If you do not have any powers that cause burning your quickest solution is to take out the 2 workers as quick as possible. Then you need to position your characters on top of the piles of weed. Towlie will attack you with a flame attack and in the process set the pile of weed on fire. Once all 4 have been set alight the boss fight will be over.

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