How do you catch the Crag Barramundi?


This fishing mini game sucks and I am already annoyed playing it. I want to get over this as fast as possible. I have a quest that is asking me to catch a Craig Barramundi. I am standing on the pier of the lake where the quest says it should be, but I am not catching much.

How do you catch the Crag Barramundi
Final Fantasy XV

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GuacamoleFantastic -

Depending on whether you enjoy the finishing mini game or not, will determine how you feel about this quest. Either way you will have been tasked with catching a fish named the Crag Barramundi. After some fishing you might be finding that you are stuck catching small fry and missing plenty of other chances. Here is how to catch the Crag Barramundi.

Right after getting the quest, walk into the fishing pier next to the fisherman. This is where you will need to fish from. I don’t think the lure matters much, but for me I used the blue lure that you have at the very beginning of the game. You should also make sure to have a piece of line that is in good shape. This fish will take some work to pull in.

Start by just casting out into the groups of fish. Catch whatever bites. The Crag Barramundi was the 3rd bite that I got, but he took a lot more effort to reel in compared to the other fish I had caught in Final Fantasy 15. Make sure to take your time and don’t let the tension get too high. This is a big fish and he takes a lot of work to r

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