How do you break through the wall in the repair shop?


In the backroom of the workshop, there is a wall with glowing lights behind it. It is very clear that this is the way forward and pressing the pulse button also highlights this as the way to go. I can’t seem to break it down though. I keep punching it but it doesn’t do anything to break the wall down.  What are you meant to do to break through this?

How do you break through the wall in the repair shop
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

This one is a little silly. The wall looks like it could be knocked down with a sneeze, yet all the punches and kicks in the world do nothing to bust it down.

To get through the wall you will need to use a venom punch. Hold L1 and press Square and it will charge up a punch that will allow you to blast through this brick wall.


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