How do you attach the battery to the kite?


I have constructed the battery I’m the basement and need to charge it before I can use it. It seems obvious that I charge it from the electricity from the lightning strike outside, but I don’t see how I am meant to attach the battery to the kite. No option ever comes up to allow for it to be done. Am I missing something?

How do you attach the battery to the kite
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Dan Hastings -

This one is annoying. You need to talk with the guy and agree to do the experiment. I think you need to fail it the first time so that he comes back and explains what to do. Have a second attempt at the experiment and quickly bring up your item menu when this happens. Scrolling left or right between your inventory is too slow. When you have your inventory up, the game seems to pause, giving you time to select the battery and combine it with the kite. Once this is done, quickly interact with the kite and use the push kite option when you are prompted. This will make youyhtos the kite into the air. Once it gets struck by lightning you will need to watch a cut scene and the battery can be found lying on the ground once this is over.


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