How do I get the 50 extra storage slots from the deluxe edition?


I bought the deluxe edition and It gave me the safe with 50 extra slots when I finished the tutorials. Whenever i go to the vault storage in the storm shield it only shows that I have 5 storage slots and this is from the skill tree point that I spent. Why have the 50 storage slots from the safe that came with the Fortnite Deluxe Edition, not been applied to the game?

How do I get the 50 extra storage slots from the deluxe edition

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

This question was also answered here How Do You Access Your Storage Safe In The Storm Shield? The 50 extra storage slots are for schematics and other items that get stored in the games main menu. Crafting materials and crafted items are not part of this and are stored separately. The 50 extra storage slots will not benefit you for the materials that you gather in your backpack. As you progress you will be able to incrase the capacity of both the backpack and the storm shield vault. 

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