How are you supposed to kill the enemies in level 7?


So far I have been able to button mash my way through all of the enemies. I’m on level 7 now and I can’t complete it. If I jump on their heads they can still hit me. If I go up against them they always deal more damage than me and I die. Without any fancy game mechanics how am I meant to beat this level?

How are you supposed to kill the enemies in level 7
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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

This game is a piece of shit, so expect the solution here to also be a piece of shit. Walk up to the enemy and once they start walking toward you, stand still. Once they have approched you and stopped, neither of you will be able to hit eachother. You need to be very gentle with the controls to get a tiny bit closer to the enemy so that you can hit him but he cant hit you. For the enemies at the start of the level, you should be able to jump on top of their heads and hit them from here. Take slow swings so you hit them on the up/down swing.

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