God of War PS4 frame rate?


Has there been any cinfirmconfi on whether God of war will run at 30 fps or 60fps on the playstaPlay 4. Playing the remastered game at 60fps was nice. I’m assuming they will aim for 1080p @60 but I have seen some.videos and the game looks incredible. I have my doubts on whether the PS4 can run a game like this at a high resolution.

God of War PS4 frame rate
God of War

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SteveSickle89 -

If you play on the PS4 Pro it gives you 2 options. Render the game in 4k or focus on performance. So i think this means we can have 1080p @ 60fps or have 4k @ 30fps. I dont have the means to validate this, but it would seem logical. I cant see there being a need for a frame rate any higher than 60 so my guess is that the regular PS4 is not able to do 1080p @ 60fps. You will need the PS4 pro to get this.

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